Who made my clothes?

Where are my clothes made? A simple answer: I don’t know, and I won’t know. It seems like I’ll never know. I questioned multiple companies, asking if they could tell me more. Tell me more about where their products were made, more of the conditions the workers are in, even what cities their factories belong to. No answers. No company “had access to that information,” and then emailed me apologizing for the inconvenience.

Companies close the information regarding where and how their products were made. Three companies I have shopped at; NHL, Garage, and Jerzees, could not answer an easy question of where is their main factory located. Why is that information kept from the consumers that the company claims to want a strong, positive relationship with? Every buyer should have the right to know all about their purchase.

I additionally went to call Free People, hoping their company would be more willing to tell me who made my shirt. They agreed to send any and all information to my email in the next two days.

It was understandable that the customer service representatives I spoke to did not know anything besides me of where the clothes were made, but it just led my mind to think more. Why are we denied the knowledge of another human’s life spent toward making my clothes? I wasn’t even given a city name, factory name, worker name. They wouldn’t even direct me to a person that was able to give me any further information.

It makes you think. I can call a fair trade company and they can go on-and-on all day of how their products are made. The country, the working conditions, all of it. The people are proud to talk about it. Why aren’t all companies like this? Are they not proud of their business? Are they hiding information for legal purposes? Whatever it is, it seems that since some companies can answer the question of where my shirt was made, why can’t others?

Claire Werynski