Cleaning Out My Closet Conscience

Through school, my teachers and friends showed me the world of fair trade. As a recently named a certified fair trade school, there is a constant everyday reminder. Through tea and coffee in the lunchroom to signs advocating fair trade posted around the building, it is hard to avoid being aware of it all.

I try to buy fair trade as much as possible. It makes for a cleaner conscious when I choose to buy fair trade over something else. I am recently trying to redo my wardrobe with fair trade clothes on top of the jewelry and little knick-knack items I have already purchased. When buying gifts for another, I try to make that step to purchase something from a fair trade store to spread the message to new people. I shopped fair trade for my family during the holiday season and I try to shop fair trade for any birthday gift for a friend.


A fair trade uniform becomes so much more than just a skirt or shirt in your closet that you have to wear for school everyday. A fair trade uniform give you the confidence to walk in the hallways knowing that you contributed to help the life of a woman in Guatemala. It’s an easy change from buying a school uniform to buying a uniform from One Seed Heritage. The only difference between the two uniforms is the impact you can make.


Claire Werynski