"Hi, my name is Lupe. I'm from San Juan la Laguna, in the Sololá department of Guatemala. I work with Hilary in sewing skirts. It's a pleasure for me that you can receive this message and that you can collaborate with us by buying uniforms, and at the same time you are benefiting the women of our town, San Juan la Laguna, so that they can work in the backstrap weaving with the skirts and the traditional colors of our town. We hope that you like them a lot! Thank you so much to those that have already bought a skirt. I know that for me it's exciting that you buy, because to know that my craft goes from San Juan to the United States is a great happiness, and that you use what I make. And it would be beautiful to see our work go to the United States. We hope that you can continue buying and at the same time help San Juan la Laguna by providing this work. Thank you very much!" -Lupe