Traditional Foot Loom Fabric Kilt Skirt

Traditional Foot Loom Fabric Kilt Skirt


Woven with techniques tested over 500 years, these skirts will last from freshman registration to graduation day keeping you feeling eazy breezy the whole time in 100% soft cotton.

Magnificat High School calls young women to learn, lead, and serve. Purchasing this skirt serves indigenous women entrepreneurs in Guatemala where only 40% of girls are still in school by the age 15 and where only 35% will ever become literate.

You, Magnificat, and these Mayan women entrepreneurs, like Amalia and Lupe, are compassionate leaders teaching the importance of global understanding and education to our future leaders.

Choose a school uniform that sends a message you believe in.

+ handwoven & 100% cotton
+ dyed with plants (dye will not bleed in wash)

+ supports female entrepreneurs in Guatemala
+ all skirts are 18" in length

Find out more about how your skirt is made below.

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Maria Elena demonstrates winding spools of thread for the foot loom. 

Watch Lupe hit a milestone, her first automated button hole.