immerse your students in social justice...

our fair trade school uniforms coupled with our interactive programming is the perfect combination to personally connect your students to social justice...


1. reach across the globe in spanish class

" When I first heard we (Magnificat) would be partnering with One Seed Heritage I had no idea what an impact it would have on me as a member of fair trade club and also a student in AP Spanish. As a fair trade certified school, Magnificat has always supported fair trade products like chocolates and jewelry, but never in such a personal way as now. With One Seed I have learned so much more about the people weaving our uniforms, the process of dyeing and weaving the fabrics, the town they are from. Conversations in Spanish class with Amalia aside from showing us more about the program and weaving process, have also given me the opportunity to really put to use the Spanish learned in the classroom. It has been such an exciting experience as we have grown to know Amalia, and incredible to be able to say we have a friend across the globe."

-Lizzie R., Class of 2016


2. learn how to design from the experts

"Gilmour Academy has been honored to work with One Seed Heritage this year to offer our students fair trade school uniforms.  Hilary, the president of One Seed Heritage, also has been working closely with our Peace and Justice Club to provide fantastic programming.  We were able to take part in the scarf project, which allowed students to design their own traditional Guatemalan scarves.  They learned about backstrap weaving and hand-tinting techniques.  Most excitingly, they even had the chance to Skype with Amalia, one of the artisans who will be bringing their designs to life.  They now have such a deep appreciation for the time and talent that goes into the creation of handmade goods.  They are able to see the people behind the product.  This would be an exceptional program for peace and justice, art, fashion, and Spanish clubs and classes.

Additionally, our students also worked with One Seed Heritage to design their own fair trade ties.  She worked with the gentlemen of the club to select recycled cortes fabric (traditional Guatemalan skirt fabric) to be transformed by the artisans into really hip ties.  The guys definitely love their ties and the message they send."

-Katy M., English Teacher


3. what more of our educators say...

"Partnering with One Seed Heritage has been a wonderfully collaborative and informative experience for us and our students.  One Seed Heritage brings a wide breadth of knowledge regarding fair trade and empowering artisans in sustainable ways.  The inclusion of educational experiences and developing a personal relationship with the people who create our uniforms, specifically the women at the cooperative in Guatemala, facilitate a comprehensive learning experience for all of us.  No matter what our students are interested in creating, One Seed Heritage is always looking for a way to help that happen.  I cannot speak highly enough of working with One Seed Heritage!"

- Kathleen S., Campus Minister 

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